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Following a recent comment I received from an individual who said my blog posts were “good, but a bit wordy”, I have decided to venture out into making short video clips about various topics and uploading them to YouTube.  This will hopefully allow those who aren’t great fans of reading paragraph after paragraph of text to follow along too.  It is just an idea at present, but if it proves to have some legs then hopefully it will evolve into a good source of information to supplement this blog.

This first offering is a very short and introductory video discussing the way this information will be delivered, and some of the potential topics for future discussion.  I am of course very open to comments , and if I get enough requests for one subject then I will try to provide something if I can.

The videos will all be quite short (10-15 mins at most) and I aim to keep them quite simple, so they may be more appropriate for the undergraduate student or newly qualified Podiatrist.

More to come soon…

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