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Hi all,

I’m sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that I have been rather quiet on here for far too long.  Huge apologies for this – my excuses include: increased clinical workloads, increased involvement in performing research (more info later), establishing my place on the London 2012 Olympic Games Podiatry Medical Team, and last but by no means least getting married.

In addition to all of the above I have a new – and hopefully improved – website, and my blog (which I fully intend to continue) has been made an integral part of this.  The ‘new’ blog can be found by going to my website and clicking on the ‘blog’ button at the top right of any page:


As of this point all new posts will be made on the new blog; so please do drop by there if you can, and update your bookmarks accordingly.  Head over there now for a link to a newly published article on why I have such a problem with ‘Overpronation’.

Many thanks for all your continued interest and support.

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Such is the nature of my profession that certain discussions or topics seem to come up time and time again.  It may shock some to hear that within the fields of Podiatric Medicine and Sports Injury we (the so called specialists) do not always all agree with each other.  Now more than ever it is important to try and stay abreast of all the latest research and to critically analyse it.  We should not just believe what we hear or what we read; we should question it and see whether the conclusions are solid and founded or whether it is simply a sensationalisation to grab headlines or sell a product (more on marketing hype later).

In the coming weeks and months on this blog I hope to cover some of the discussions which I have on a daily basis – whether I am with my sports patients in clinic or dissecting journal or newspaper articles with friends and colleagues.  I will present my opinions on hot topics (amongst others) such as barefoot running, how orthoses actually work, and whether or not the ‘normal’ foot or ‘perfect’ gait exists.  No doubt along the way I may plagiarise some of the thoughts and anecdotes I have learnt from good friends and colleagues over the years (and continue to do so) but I will try to credit or reference them accordingly.

Another more personal reason for the conception of this blog is that it seemed to me that it is the only way to have an unedited say.  Having written for newspapers, websites and magazines in the past (more on ‘Runner’s World’ to come) it is the unfortunate truth that the manuscript you send in is often not the one you read by the time it is in print with your name attached to it.  From now on anything I have published will appear here – in its full unedited original format.

I hope you enjoy reading my slightly geeky ramblings as much as I will enjoy writing them.

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